I'm Mariana, 20, and currently in NJ. I am a junior in college pursuing a Public Health degree. I'm a lover of many things and my mind is almost always all over the place. I'm silly and I laugh to laugh and that's pretty much how I would describe myself. I never know what to say in these things!

So I was looking back on some of my old posts and the last one (besides being about Darren) was about spring semesters finals and how afterward I was going to Florida with my best friends. I guess it’s only right that I write about this upcoming year and how my summer looked. I didn’t do much this summer, but when I did it was in clumps. I spent all of June studying/doing work for my Anatomy and Physiology summer class. Even it was super early and four hours long, I loved the class, made some new friends, and got an “A”. Right when that class ended I began my statistics class and that was another nightmare but it was online and got a “A” in that also. In July I visited one of my good friend’s house for 4th of July with my two other good friends. That was such a fun mini trip! July 25th I went to see Toby Keith for my birthday (courtesy of my best friend Shanna) and that night I also found out Darren was coming home to surprise me. On that exact night. From July 26th to August 11th, I spent time with the funniest, most adorable and loving boyfriend. We went canoeing with his friends at Delaware Water Gap and other fun activities. The best part of it all was spending each night together, falling asleep in each others arms *gag*. He left August 11th and up until now I have been working and seeing friends from time to time. I also booked a flight last week to fly out and see Darren one last time before Christmas for this Friday. I AM SO EXCITED. I come home September 2nd and will be back in full swing with school and work. I love school and I’m excited to meet new people and finally start my major. I’m hoping for it to be a good, happy year. 

In March when I applied to William Paterson I received my acceptance letter and a presidential scholarship for $4,000.00. In August I got my award information and it said I only got $2,000.00. So I have been fighting and emailing with financial aid and admissions since then and they FINALLY gave me the full amount because it was a mistake on their part and I AM SO HAPPY YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. They told me I needed to send them the letter I got back in March and I just summer cleaned my room like 2 weeks ago and I was so afraid that I threw it out but I found it and I’m so happy I did or else I wouldn’t have gotten that money.

I am so happy right now. Goodday.