I'm Mariana, 20, and currently in NJ. I am a junior in college pursuing a Public Health degree. I'm a lover of many things and my mind is almost always all over the place. I'm silly and I love to laugh and that's pretty much how I would describe myself.I never know what to say in these things!

School starts tomorrow and I’m at a different college and I don’t really know what to expect! I’m really hoping to get involved and actually meet friends. Friends that I can hangout with during the week or weekend, get coffee, etc etc. I have two classes with this girl I met during my summer class and we bonded over laughing (not rudely) at our awkward, hilarious professor and I bumped into her a Starbucks not too long ago and we exchanged numbers and I’m so awkward but I’m so excited!!! About a fresh new start and everything! I feel mch better right now then I did this time last year, I feel that good things are coming. Yay for junior year (crazy holy poop!)

This weekend with Darren was so amazing and wonderful and I know I say this all the time but I am so blessed to have a love like his.

In March when I applied to William Paterson I received my acceptance letter and a presidential scholarship for $4,000.00. In August I got my award information and it said I only got $2,000.00. So I have been fighting and emailing with financial aid and admissions since then and they FINALLY gave me the full amount because it was a mistake on their part and I AM SO HAPPY YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. They told me I needed to send them the letter I got back in March and I just summer cleaned my room like 2 weeks ago and I was so afraid that I threw it out but I found it and I’m so happy I did or else I wouldn’t have gotten that money.

I am so happy right now. Goodday.